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Summer volleyball & pickleball general public registration opens Monday June 17th !


If you have questions or concerns about Fifty West volleyball leagues, feel free to reach out to us. We'd be happy to assist however we can.

P. 513-834-8789

E. leagues@fiftywestbrew.com




Are volleyball courts available on non-league nights?

Yes, 2 of 4 courts are taken down every Friday moning and go up every Monday morning.


Can I reserve a court?

Courts are open for reservation Monday-Thursday from 11am-5pm. You can reserve a court through our website. 


I don't see sign ups, when is the next league?

We offer four leagues: Early Spring, Spring, Summer and Fall. Sign ups start a month before the league starts. 


 I don't see a certain day on sign ups.

If a league sells out, the sign up is closed to insure there isn't an oversold league.


Are the leagues co-ed?

Yes. For a 6v6 volleyball team, 2 females are required.

For a 2v2 pickleball game 1 male and 1 female are required. 


It is raining, will games still be on?

Volleyball games will be played in the rain but not in lightening. If there is lightening then there will be a short delay. We try to get all the games in if we can since make up games can get tricky. The coordinator will email or call everyone if games are cancelled. If you hear nothing then assume games are on. 


Pickleball games will be cancled or postponed if the rain causes the court to become slippery. 



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(513) 834-8789


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7605 Wooster Pike
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(513) 834-8789