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Cornhole Schedule

Cincy Sunday Fall Cornhole League

Sunday, November 7

PLAYOFFS View Bracket
Crop Dusterzz forfeited to Breakfast Club.
Fun Bags forfeited to Shake & Bake.
Fun Bags forfeited to Shake & Bake.
Dirty Pat and the Boy forfeited to This Is My Cardio.
Hallelujah Harris’s forfeited to Crop Dusterzz.
This Is My Cardio forfeited to 38 Special .
Shake & Bake forfeited to Tuna No Crust.
Cornholio forfeited to Boots Lane Revival.
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5:00 PM
5:45 PM
  Looneys [2]
6:30 PM
7:15 PM
8:00 PM

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

Fifty West Brewing Company
7668 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45227
(513) 834-8789