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**Spring registration is closed**

** We hope to have pickleball courts resurfaced after Spring leagues **

Beach Volleyball Schedule

2021 Summer Volleyball Thursday 6v6

Thursday, August 12

2 legit 2 hit , Balls are Cook, Big Digs, Big Fick & Wes Miller's Disciples, Bump, Set, Drink , Eurostampa, How I Set Your Mother, It's a Set Up, Just one bump, Kekambas, Lohmiller Real Estate, Neutroteamia, Setsy and We Know It , SWAT Team, ThermalSpike, Unprotected Sets
  Maryland Ohio Virginia California
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 PM

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

Thursday, August 19

PLAYOFFS View Bracket
  Maryland Ohio Virginia California
5:30 PM
6:15 PM
  SWAT Team [0]
  Kekambas [3]
7:00 PM
7:45 PM
8:30 PM
  PercoSets [2]
  SWAT Team [1]
9:15 PM
10:00 PM
10:15 PM

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

Fifty West Brewing Company
7668 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45227
(513) 834-8789